Enabling women to make life-affirming choices
for themselves and their babies.

Boomerang for our Babies —
Begins Mother's Day Through Father's Day

“Hi, I’m Vanessa. Five years ago, my mommy was beaten so badly she was told by her doctor she’d never have a baby. So she was pretty surprised to learn she was pregnant with me! She’d just lost her job and was having a hard time supporting herself. She didn’t feel financially or emotionally capable of taking care of a baby, and she thought about having an abortion. That’s when she went to Sumter Pregnancy Center where her counselor gently reminded her that I was a miracle, and that God allowed her to be pregnant with me even when doctors told her she’d never have kids! Because she went to Sumter Pregnancy Center, my mommy chose life for me! Wanna help other moms like mine choose life, too? It’s easy! Just support the center through their Baby Bottle Boomerang beginning on Mother’s Day and going through Father’s Day. And thanks for helping more moms choose life!”

Beginning on Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, area churches will be supporting Sumter Pregnancy Center through our Baby Bottle Boomerang. This is a fun and unique fundraising event that your whole family can experience. On Mother's Day, church coordinators distribute bottles at participating churches. Fill your bottle and return it on Father’s Day. It's that simple!

So why should you or your family “boomerang?”

  1. It's a tangible way to support your pro-life position.
  2. Your contribution will help Sumter Pregnancy Center reach more abortion-minded women, and provide material assistance and education so that moms and dads can be better parents.
  3. It's an object lesson for younger members of the family on why pro-life issues matter.
  4. And here's the one mom's and dad's REALLY like! It places value and importance on the roles of mothers and fathers!

Don't miss out on all the fun!
Contact Sumter Pregnancy Center at 803-773-8858 to register your church for
this year's Baby Bottle Boomerang!
"Until I attended Celebrate Life – Sumter Pregnancy Center’s annual fundraising event – I had no idea just how much this ministry does for young women in the Sumter community.  Sumter Pregnancy Center’s events aren’t just about raising needed funds for the pregnancy center. They are educational, uplifting, and encouraging. I came away from Celebrate Life motivated to get involved in their ministry."

Jennett Towles-Mickens
Retail Sales Manager
First Citizens Bank
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